The NBPLA is only as strong as the value we bring to our members and corporate sponsors. We strive to provide members with unique opportunities to promote themselves and their companies, as well as cultivate their skill sets and expand their networks. We also encourage our membership to both mentor and be mentored through the NBPLA, because we know the only way to strengthen diversity within the government affairs arena is to create a lush environment for personal and professional growth.

Professional Development
The world of lobbying and advocacy changes each time a new group of officials are elected to office, each time new laws are enacted, and each time a new opportunity or crisis strikes. It takes a great deal of awareness to stay sharp in this field. The NBPLA provides our members with exclusive access to educational events and training webinars to discuss the industry trends, best practices, and key issues facing local governments and state legislatures across the country.

The NBPLA helps our members strengthen their national networks and grow their client lists by hosting conferences, community engagement events, and educational opportunities throughout the year. We are developing a slate of annual events, including an annual legislative conference and bi-annual membership convention, where lobbyists, corporate leaders and elected officials from across the country can gather to network, learn and converse about the current events impacting the government affairs industry. 

Every year, colleges and universities churn out thousands of talented African-American graduates in government-related disciplines. Too often, they pursue other professions because they lack a central resource to learn about government affairs and all the opportunities within it. The NBPLA mentorship program will provide both aspiring and new lobbyists with direct access to seasoned professionals who are committed to building a diverse pipeline of government affairs talent.

Government affairs professionals are always seeking opportunities to showcase the depth of their relationships, policy wins and advocacy abilities. This is arguably the most important factor in a lobbyist's ability to gain new clients. The NBPLA wants to provide its members a platform to pat themselves on the back in front of their colleagues and potential clients. In addition to offering a variety of leadership opportunities within the organization, the NBPLA also looks for innovative ways to highlight talent within the Black government affairs community, including its social media "Member Spotlight" series and annual "Who's Who in NBPLA" publication.

Business Development
The lobbying profession is all about cultivating relationships with the goal of transforming them into business partnerships. This can pose a unique set of challenges for Black lobbyists, who often encounter implicit biases about their ability to effectively connect and communicate with elected officials, business leaders and colleagues of different ethnicities and/or backgrounds. The NBPLA will assist Black lobbyists in honing the skills, best practices and relationships required to overcome these obstacles to growing a strong and profitable book of business.

Corporate Diversity & Inclusion
There is a renewed commitment from Corporate America to prioritize diversity, equity and inclusion in the workplace; however, we know that business and government leaders struggle at times to find Black government affairs professionals to fulfill their staffing needs. The NBPLA aims to address this issue by serving as a connecting pipeline between our corporate sponsors and Black government affairs professionals across the country. We envision a reciprocal relationship that meets the objectives of both our membership and corporate partners.